Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

A Sublime Vernacular
The Landscape Paintings of Levine Flexhaug


PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY: Donna Brunsdale and Gary Burns

FLEXIE! ALL THE SAME AND ALL DIFFERENT: 2015, 84 minutes, digital video

SYNOPSIS: Flexie! All the Same and All Different investigates Levine Flexhaug’s paintings by focusing on the role and significance they have for those who collect them contrasted with how his contemporaries in rural western Canada have understood and valued them. What emerges is not the typical biographical documentary, but a revealing exchange of ideas about the popularity and meaning of landscape painting and the position of Flexhaug’s work within the world of art, as well as a portrait of the disappearing milieu in which he painted. In the course of making the film, the filmmakers traveled widely in western Canada and elsewhere to conduct interviews with family members, acquaintances, collectors, art historians, and critics and visit sites and locations where Flexhaug painted and sold his work.


Gary Burns’s feature film credits include The Suburbanators, Kitchen Party, waydowntown, A Problem with Fear, and the feature documentaries Radiant City and The Future is Now! He has won numerous awards for his films including Best Canadian Feature Film at the Toronto International Film Festival for waydowntown. Radiant City, which he co-directed with CBC journalist Jim Brown, won the Genie for Best Documentary.


Donna Brunsdale works in photography and film. Her photography work has been shown across Canada and is held in public and private collections. Her films include Moments of Despondency and Cheerful Tearful. She has taught film and visual art at the University of Victoria and the University of Calgary.


For inquiries or to purchase the film, contact Gary Burns:

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