Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

A Sublime Vernacular
The Landscape Paintings of Levine Flexhaug



Born March 22 on the family farm in the Treelon area near Climax, Saskatchewan.


The Flexhaug family lives in Climax. As a schoolboy, Levine demonstrates an aptitude for art.


Moves with his father and brother Hasley to the Lac des Isles area in northern Saskatchewan.


Returns to Climax.


Paints murals in John E. Gryde’s general store in Climax and other local and area establishments. He will continue to paint murals for businesses and private individuals for more than twenty-five years.


Sets out on his own as an itinerant painter.


Paints during the summer months at lakeside resorts across the Prairie provinces including Manitou Beach near Watrous and Waskesiu Lake in Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan, and Jasper and Waterton Lakes National Parks in Alberta. He sometimes lives out of his car while on the road.


Serves in the Canadian Army and is stationed in England at Ford Manor in Surrey. Paints three murals in a nearby local pub.


Marries Viola Margaret (Peggy) Sells in Gull Lake, Saskatchewan.


Moves to Claresholm, Alberta, where the couple’s eldest daughter, Sharon, is born. They will have three more daughters, Linda (b. 1949), Cheylyn (b. 1958), and Faye (b. 1960). Relocates to Pincher Creek, Alberta.


The family lives in Edmonton, Alberta, for six months while he paints a ninety-foot-long mural in the Alberta Hotel.


Lives in Lumsden, Saskatchewan.


Lives in Bridesville, British Columbia. Works in a sawmill in his off-season and also gives painting demonstrations in area businesses.


Paints a cycle of murals for the restaurant and bar of the hotel in Rock Creek, British Columbia.


Begins an association that will last into the mid-1960s with the Wheel-Inn, a restaurant, service station, and campground near Piapot, Saskatchewan, that was opened when the new Trans-Canada Highway bypassed the village. Rather than continuing to travel to sell paintings, he makes his base at the Wheel-Inn in the summer tourist season. Paints a mural in the hotel in Consul, Saskatchewan, based on the American Western painter C.M. “Charlie” Russell’s Roundup #2. He will become increasingly interested in painting Western and wildlife scenes for the rest of his career.


Lives near Cranbrook, British Columbia, and later moves to nearby Yahk.


Lives in Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia, where he works on the construction of a new resort and the development of its facilities.


Operates a trail-ride business at Fairmont Hot Springs.


Dies following several years of heart problems on August 22.

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